Dream Study – Omega 3 – Dry Eyes

The use of Omega 3 fatty acid

(fish oil) supplements in treating

dry eyes


  • Do you suffer from dry eyes or has an eye professional told you that you have dry eyes?
  • The DRy Eye Assessment and Management Study (DREAM Study) is a new National Eye Institute/National Institutes of Health funded nationwide research study designed to test an over‐the‐counter nutritional supplement (Omega‐3 fatty acids) as a treatment for people diagnosed with dry eye disease.
  • It is a nationwide study, with approximately 25 study sites, with one possibly near you.
  • If you are eligible and participate in the DREAM Study you may contribute to the solution of dry eye disease, a painful and debilitating eye disease that is more common in women and in the elderly.
  • Your commitment if you take part in the DREAM Study is daily use of the study supplied Omega 3 supplements or placebos (containing olive oil) and five visits to a DREAM study site for ocular examinations.
  • Contact us or any of the Dream Study Sites nationwide to learn more and see if you are eligible to participate.DREAM_button